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Why the Executive Order on the ICC is Unconstitutional and Self-Defeating. Susan M. Akram. Opinio Juris. (2020).

The Evolution of Conflict Medicine in the Middle East – An Interview with Ghassan Abu Sittah. Omar Dewachi & Nabil Al-Tikriti. Middle East Research and Information Project. (2020). (interviewing Ghassan Abu Sittah).

Islam at a Crossroads in West Africa. Ottoman History Podcast. (2020). (interviewing Wendell Marsh).

The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom. The Alwaleed Center for Muslim–Christian Understanding. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

EXCLUSIVE POLL finds MASSIVE concern for cont’d violence ahead of Biden’s Inauguration. The Hill. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

White Extremism & The Capitol Insurrection. Sree’s Global Show. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

ʿUmrah in Atlantic City: The Representation of Muslim-American Space in Ramy. Alex Dika Seggerman. Platform. (2020).

The French state’s crackdown on its Muslims. Farid Hafez. Anadolu Agency. (2020).

Gérald Darmanin: Who is France’s interior minister? Al Jazeera. (2020). (interviewing Farid Hafez).

Farid Hafez on The Terrorist Attacks in Vienna. BBC World. (2020). (interviewing Farid Hafez).

The Impact of the 2020 US Election Results on Middle East Policy: A Post-Election AssessmentArab Center Washington DC. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

MENA Women Played An Important Role In This Election. Supermajority News. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Islamophobia in the US presidential election. Nazia Kazi. Al Jazeera. (2020).

Contextualizing the United Kingdom’s High Coronavirus Mortality Rates among Muslims. Engy Abdelkader. German Marshall Fund. (2020).

The Coronavirus Crisis Exacerbated Police Abuses Among French Muslims. Engy Abdelkader. German Marshall Fund. (2020).

Religion, Race, and Politics in U.S. Elections: The “God Gap”. Engy Abdelkader. German Marshall Fund. (2020).

Poll: Muslim American support for Trump rises, but most plan to vote for Biden. Religion News Service. (2020). (interviewing Engy Abdelkader).

Law expert on immigration & the U.S. election. CGTN America. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The light of truth shames every form of hate. John Farmer. The Jerusalem Post. (2020).

Prisons, Abolition and Islamic Legal Discourse. Adnan Zulfiqar. Islamic Law Blog. (2020).

Islamophobic Undertones of Attacks on Muslim Congressional Challenger to Pelosi. Sahar Aziz. Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project. (2020).

US Muslim groups drop Emgage from voter mobilization event. Umar A Farooq. Middle East Eye. (2020).

US Election 2020: The rise of extremism? TRT World RoundTable. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Collective Duties (farḍ kifāya) in Islamic Law. Adnan Zulfiqar. Islamic Law Blog. (2020).

The Modern Transformation of the Duty to Fight. Adnan Zulfiqar. Islamic Law Blog. (2020).

Cannabis influencers: This leader is making racial justice consequential for New Jerseyans. Amol Sinha. NJ.com. (2020).

The Effects of Fake News. Tanenbaum Center for Combatting Religious Prejudice. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Professor Sahar Aziz Analyzes Political Implications of Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. BBC News. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy of empathy and courage. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera. (2020).

Can protesters achieve political change in Egypt? Al Jazeera. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Black Radical Prisoner Organizing Didn’t Die With George Jackson. Jacobin. (2020). (interviewing Brittany Friedman).

Shock Poll: Conceding elections not important, 1 in 5 voters say. The Hill. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

No justice for post-9/11 discrimination. Sahar Aziz & Braxton Haake. Al Jazeera. (2020).

Terrorcraft And The Legacy Of 9/11 With Deepa Kumar. WORT 89.9. FM Madison.(2020). (interviewing Deepa Kumar).

Exclusion, affect, and violence in the many sites of Indian history. Indian Cultural Forum. Audrey Truschke. (2020).

Sahar Aziz Named as 2020 Middle Eastern and North African National Security and Foreign Policy Next Generation Leaders. New America. Diversity in National Security Network. (2020).

They Got Away With a Gang Rape They Captured on Video. Then Came Instagram. Dina Elshinnawi. Vice. (2002). (interviewing Sahar Aziz)

Ruling upends Muslim marriage tradition. The Daily Record. Abed Awad. (2020).

Nükhet Varlık on plague, public health, and healing in the Ottoman Empire,The Global History Podcast: Exploring Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Early Modern World. (2020). (interviewing Nükhet Varlık).

Corona virus and Ramadan: How have epidemics affected Muslim rituals throughout history. Sanaa El-Khoury. BBC News. (2020) (interviewing Nukhet Varlik)

Analysis – Austrian state’s ‘pioneering’ anti-Muslim institution. Farid Hafez. Anadolu Agency. (2020).

Could COVID-19 inspire the faithful? Scholars predict spirituality surge in our future. The Philadelphia Inquirer. (2020). (quoted Adnan Zulfiqar).

Why are US federal troops confronting anti-racism protesters? | Inside Story. Al Jazeera. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

A Muslim American Reflects on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Abed Awad. Medium. (2020).

American Egyptian Women of Influence: Meet Sahar Aziz- lawyer, professor, human rights activist. We Are Egypt in America. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

As the world looks for coronavirus scapegoats, Muslims are blamed in India. The Washington Post. (2020). (interviewing Nükhet Varlık).

Plague in the Ottoman Empire, The History of Now Podcast, University of Cambridge. (2020). (interviewing Nükhet Varlık).

Corona virus and Ramadan: How have epidemics affected Muslim rituals throughout history. BBC News. (2020). (interviewing Nükhet Varlık).

Nextopic: Future of Pandemics. Why the history of past pandemics matters now: A talk on social implications of historical pandemics. Crowdcast. (2020)(interviewing Nükhet Varlık).

Rethinking the History of Plague in the Time of Coronavirus. Harvard University. (2020). (interviewing Nükhet Varlık).

The “Carceral State” is the Enemy. Brittany Friedman. Black Agenda Report. (2020).

Antifa: Terrorist Organization or Pres. Trump’s Scapegoat? Mark Bray. PBS.com. (2020).

Antifa isn’t the problem. Trump’s bluster is a distraction from police violence.  Mark Bray. Washington Post. (2020).

Trump’s call to label Antifa ‘domestic terrorists’ is dangerous. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera. (2020).

Addressing Housing Precarity in the Context of Corona Virus. Rachel Godsil. Data For Progress. (2020).

The Heat: Protests for racial justice in U.S. CGTN America. (2020). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Racism, Intolerance, and the Coronavirus. Engy Abdelkader. The German Marshall Fund of the United States. (2020).

Citizenship. Asher Ghertner. Society & Space. (2020).

How to Get the Truth About the Pandemic. John Farmer. Foreign Affairs. (2020).

How many more officers, inmates must be sacrificed?. Brittany Friedman. The Star Ledger. (2020).

The Impact of COVID19 on Minorities and the Law with Sahar Aziz, Politically Direct on InsiderNJ. (2020).

How Trump is using coronavirus to push his white nationalist election agenda. Sahar Aziz. The New Arab. (2020).

Anti-Asian racism must be stopped before it is normalised. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera English. (2020).

Emergency Powers and COVID19 with William Banks. National Security Law Today Apple Podcast. (2020). (interviewing William Banks).

What historians hear when Trump calls coronavirus ‘Chinese’ and ‘foreign’. CNN.com (2020). (interviewing Nükhet Varlik).

US-Egyptian citizen dies after six years in Egypt custody. Al Jazeera English. (2020). (quoted Sahar Aziz).

Iraqis have been holding peaceful mass protests. The U.S. strike and its aftermath are undermining that. Zahra Ali. The Washington Post. (2020).


Accusing Bernie Sanders of anti-Semitism is nothing but thinly veiled Islamophobia. Sahar Aziz. The New Arab. (2019).

Initiating Inmates. Brittany Friedman. Public Seminar. (2019)

Politically Direct Episode 74 With Guest Rutgers University Law Professor Sahar Aziz, Insider NJ (2019). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Constructing a Threat: On prison repression of Black politics,WNUR 89.3 Chicago. (2019). (interviewing Brittany Friedman).

Sadia Abbas on all that led up to her debut fiction novel The Empty Room. The Telegraph. (2019). (interviewing Sadia Abbas).

Slavery is a Model for US Prison Book-Banning. Brittany Friedman. Black Agenda Radio. (2019).

Poor People Pay for the Criminal Justice System. Brittany Friedman. Rutgers Today. (2019).

In Iraq, demonstrators demand change — and the government fights back. Zahra Ali. The Washington Post. (2019)

Protest movements in Iraq in the age of a ‘new civil society’. Zahra Ali. The London School of Economics and Political Science. (2019).

Court Recognizes Reputational Harm to Muslims on Terrorist Watchlist. Sahar Aziz. American Constitution Society. (2019).

The Fragility of Law in an Era of Autocratic Populism. Sahar Aziz. Jadaliyya.com. (2019).

Alabama’s abortion law is not ‘Christian Sharia,’ professor says. Sharia isn’t as inflexible, as draconian.  Abed Awad. NJ.com. (2019).

Skirmishes at the India – Pakistan border, featuring Adil Haque. American Society of International Law Podcast. (2019). (interviewing Adil Haque).

Don’t be surprised if one of these horrific massacres happens ‘at a mosque near you,’ N.J. Muslim attorney says. Abed Awad. NJ.com. (2019).

The Viewpoint Radio Show, The Racial Muslim: When American Racism Quashes Religious Freedom.(2019). (interviewing Sahar Aziz)

Young Activists Are Done With Loyalty Tests. Donald Trump Is Not. The Atlantic.(2019). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib show Muslim women don’t need saving. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera English. (2019).

Egypt’s Lost Academic Freedom. Sahar Aziz. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. (2019).

Being Muslim with Sylvia Chan-Malik, The Electorette Podcast. (2019). (interviewing Sylvia Chan-Malik).

An emergency at the border?. William Banks. Newsday. (2019).

Arise! with host Bill Fletcher Jr. WPFW. (2018). (Interviewing Sadia Abbas).

Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk and historian Nükhet Varlik probe depictions of plague in the Ottoman World. Nükhet Varlik. Columbia Spectator. (2018).

Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of genocide in Cambodia’s ‘Nuremberg’ moment. The Guardian. (2018). (interviewing Alex Hinton).

What Lingers After Decades of Reporting on the Cambodian Genocide. The New York Times.(2018). (interviewing Alex Hinton).

Justice At Last. Alex Hinton. Mekong Teahouse. (2018).

Good Law | Bad Law #108 – Trump, Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and the Supreme Court W/ Sahar Aziz, The Law Matters Podcast . (2018). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

What Can Khashoggi Tape Reveal About His Murder, Al Jazeera English. (2018). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Ex-N.J. attorney gen.: What minority communities can do for safety in this climate of extremism. John J. Farmer Jr. and Paul Goldenberg. NJ.com. (2018).

After several high-profile murders in Iraq, here’s what headlines missed about their cause. Zahra Ali. The Washington Post. (2018).

Imran Khan continues toxic habits; where’s the change? Sadia Abbas. Naya Daur. (2018).

Rutgers law professors: Confirmation of Kavanaugh could have ‘devastating effects’. Sahar Aziz. NorthJersey.com.(2018).

Abusing State Power to Quash Palestinian Activism on Campus, Sahar Aziz, The New Arab (2018).

Travel Ban Upheld: What Happens Now? WNYC The Takeaway. (2018) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Saudi Women Can Drive, But Are Their Voices Being Heard? Nermin Allam. Chicago Tribune. (2018).

A painter struggles to adapt to a stifling marriage and a repressive regime in this Pakistani novel. (reviewing The Empty Room by Sadia Abbas). Scrol.in (2018).

It Was a Crime’: 15 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraqis Still Face, Zahra Ali. Democracy Now! (2018).

‘Being Muslim’ offers an alternative history of Islam in America. Aysha Khan. (2018) (featuring Sylvia Chan-Malik).

Adnan Zulfiqar Dissects Complex, Emotionally Charged Issues in Islamic and Criminal Law. Suicide is on the Rise in the US, And Muslims Aren’t Immune. Lisa Intrabartola. BuzzFeed News. (2018).

The Case for Nongovernmental Sanctuary for Immigrants. Rose Cuison Villazor. Los Angeles Times. (2018).

Travel ban 3.0 still doesn’t conceal Trump’s anti-Muslim bias. Sahar Aziz. The New Arab. (2017).

Women’s Rights Are under Threat in Iraq. Zahra Ali. The Washington Post. (2017).

Self-Defense Against Self-Defense, In Syria and Beyond.  Adil Haque. Just Security. (2017).

In Saudi Arabia, Trump Says Fight Against Terrorism ‘A Battle Between Good and Evil.’ National Public Radio. (2017). (interviewing Adnan Zulfiqar).

I’m a N.J. Muslim: How I celebrate Jesus’ birth with my family. Abed Awad. NJ.com. (2016).

I was in Charge of N.J. on 9/11 and Trump’s Claims Never Happened. John Farmer Jr. NJ.com. (2015).

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