Multimedia Resources

The following resources offer an introduction to the three themes underpinning the work of the Center for Security, Race and Rights. The views expressed therein represent those of the author and are not endorsements by CSRR.

Color of Religion

FBI Terrorism Stings: Two Decades of National Security Theater. The Intercept. (2021).

We are not a stereotype. Smithsonian. (2021).

Sahar Aziz on Race, Security, and the Racial Muslim – Special Guest Episode. Maydan Podcast. (2021).

Why is California Erasing Arab American History from the Ethnic Studies Curriculum? Critical Race Studies. (2021). 

The Modern White Power Movement. Throughline. (2021).

Unpack Hate Session 1 and 2. Rutgers University Diversity. (2021).

The Romey Lynchings: A Story of Lebanese Immigrants. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora. (2020).

ʿUmrah in Atlantic City: The Representation of Muslim-American Space in Ramy. Alex Dika Seggerman. Platform. (2020).

Mommying While Muslim, Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri (2020).

Muslims in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Public Library (2020).

Malcolm X and the Sudanese, VisuaLive Productions (2020).

What is Shari’a, Shariawiz (2020).

Alexis Torres Machado, (2019).

Al Quds, Khalid Abu Dawas (2019).

Footnotes for Kanye, Jasmine Mans (2019).

The Mosque in Morgantown, PBS (2019).

The Muslim Vibe Podcast, TMV (2019).

An Ordinary Muslim, Hammaad Chaudry (2018).

#GoodMuslimBadMuslim, Tanzila Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh (2018).

Muslims in America: A New Generation, NPR (2018).

Muslims in America, TIME (2018).

Narratives, Newest Americans (2018).

American Muslim Minorities: The New Human Rights Struggle, Ashley Moore (2017).

An American Mosque: Blending 7th Century Revelations with Midwest Suburbia, Monique Parsons (2017).

Wrap My Hijab, Mona Haydar (2017).

Hijabi World. Newest Americans. (2016).

The Secret Life of Muslims, Vox (2016).

Halal in the Family, Aasif Mandvi. (2015).

Unmosqued, Ahmed Eid (2014).

The Muslims Are Coming!, Negin Farsad & Dean Obeidallah (2011).

America’s Beauty Is In Its Diversity. NPR. (2009).

Prince Among Slaves, PBS Documentary (2007).

Criminalizing Muslim Identity

War on Terror w/ Spencer Ackerman Part 1. The Dig (2021).

I’m Part of Something That’s Really Evil. The Daily. (2021).

Race, Politics and Mass Amnesia in the US. Nazia Kazi. (2021).

Islamophobia Is, (2021)

Still Spying Podcast Series, Defending Rights and Dissent (2020).

Episode 32: The Color of Surveillance,The Activist Files Podcast (2020).

Soft Jihad AssignmentThe Documentary Podcast, BBC World Service (2020).

CCF Webinar- The Holy Land Five and COVID-19: A Conversation with Their Sons and Daughters,Coalition for Civil Freedoms. (2020).

Islamophobia is Racism, Resources for Teaching & Learning About Anti-Muslim Racism in the United States (2019).

See Something Say Something, Teaching Uyghur in America (2018).

White Fright, The Guardian (2018).

Islamophobia Inc, Al Jazeera (2018).

It’s Bigger Than a Ban, NPR (2018).

Growing Up Muslim in the US, CBS (2018).

The Feeling of Being Watched, Assia Boundaoui (2018).

Terror, Lyric R. Cabral & David Felix Sutcliff (2016).

Muslim Students Share Their Experiences With Islamophobia, NPR (2016).

What do you think when you look at me?, Dalia Mogahed (2016).

Jihad: The Story of the Others, Deeyah Khan (2015).

Heartbreaking Stories Shared At Religious and Racial Profiling Event, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights (2014).

The Newburgh Sting, David Heilbroner (2014).

The Rule of Law Oral History Project, Ramzi Kassem, Columbia University (2011).

Transnational Rights and Security

Impact of Global Competition on Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East. Arab Center Washington DC. (2021).

The Long-Lasting Consequences of the War on Terror. The Intercept. (2021).

Palestine. Throughline. (2021).

A Symphony of Resistance. Throughline. (2021).

When I See Them, I See Us. Street Art United States. (2021).

This Is Palestine. Institute for Middle East Understanding. (2021).

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa. KPFA. (2021).

What Is Happening in the Internment Camps in Xinjiang. The New Yorker Radio Hour. (2021).

Inside China’s Police State Tactics Against Muslims. The Intercept. (2021).

‘God Does not Discriminate’: Inclusive Mosques Politics in France and the United Kingdom, Middle East Centre (2020).

Once Upon a Time in Iraq. PBS. (2020).

Throughline: Savarkar And India, NPR (2020).

For 20 years, I saw no peace. Reveal (2019).

On Her Shoulders, Alexandria Bombach (2018).

The Trials of Spring. Taskovski Films. (2018). 

Women at the Negotiating Table: The Missing Piece in Peacebuilding, Manal Omar (2018).

The People’s Shield and the Government’s Sword | Sahar Aziz at MozFest (2017).

Syria: The World’s Largest Refugee Crisis, Foreign Policy Association (2016).

E-TEAM. Human Rights Watch (2014).

Muslims, PBS Frontline (2014).

Queens of Syria, Yasmin Fedda (2014).

We are the Giant, Greg Barker (2014).

The Egyptian Revolution, Sahar Aziz (2013).

The Square: The People Demand the Downfall of the Regime, Jehane Noujaim (2013).

Poems of War, Peace, Women, Power, Suheir Hammad (2010).

The Road to Guantánamo, Michael Winterbottom & Mat Whitecross (2006).