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‘From the River to the Sea’: US students must have the freedom to speak with their conscience. Bidisha Biwas. Scroll. (2024).

The “Miraculous” Nature of the Israel Exception in International Law: Israel’s Nationality Laws. Mohammad Fadel. Contending Modernities. (2024).

Guyana oil boom comes with climate crash.Gaiutra Bahadur. WBUR. (2024).

House Committee on Education and the Workforce Investigation Echoes HUAC and the Era of McCarthyism. Parallax Views. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Islamophobia Is Ignored in Ferment over Anti-Semitism on Campus. KKFI 90.1 Kansas City. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Disastrous Relationship Between Israel, Palestinians and the U.N. Asli Bali. The New York Times. (2024). 

Most Bigoted, Genocidal Representative in Congress smears Juan Cole as a Racist. Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2024).

Recording: A Conversation on Antisemitism and Islamophobia.UC Davis Jewish Studies Program. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

60+ Journalism Profs Demand Investigation into Controversial NYT Article Alleging Oct. 7 Mass Rape. Democracy Now. (2024). (interviewing Deepa Kumar).

Feds study antisemitism complaint against Princeton; Muslim group files against Rutgers. North Jersey. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Lawsuit Links Wild UAE-Financed Smear Campaign to George Washington University. Murtaza Hussain. The Intercept. (2024).

Think Tank with  Steve Adubato. Thirteen. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Attack on Academic Freedom. Occupied Thoughts. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz and Peter Beinart).

The failures of the UN in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Susan M. Akram. Open Global Rights. (2024).

Is International Law Still Relevant after the Carnage in Gaza? Susan Akram. Arab Center Washington DC. (2024).

Gaza is the greatest test liberalism has faced since 1945. And it is failing. Faisal Kutty. Middle East Eye. (2024).

Rutgers Islamic Center’s vandalization shows our need to combat Islamophobia. Sahar Aziz. North Jersey. (2024).

Astroturf Antisemitism Watchdogs. Emmaia Gelman. Jadaliyya. (2024).

Amid Gaza War, College Campuses Become Free Speech “Testing Ground”. Intercepted. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Biden is still the best US president Israel could wish for. Faisal Kutty. Al Jazeera. (2024).

Majority of US voters want Gaza cease-fire. Do Jewish, evangelical faithful agree?.Saher Selod. USA Today. (2024).

Free speech issues complicate Rice University’s ‘D’ rating on ADL’s antisemitism report card. Houston Chronicle. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz)

The Islamophobia Network and the Israel-Palestine Discourse w/ Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael. (interviewing Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick).

Unpacking Islamophobia: Five Questions on Islamophobia in Gaza Report. Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick. Bridge Initiative Team. (2024).

A tale of two US court decisions, and the Palestine exception. Faisal Kutty. Al Jazeera. (2024).

Presumptively Antisemitic: Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine-Israel Discourse. CounterPunch Radio. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick).

Beyond ‘Genocide Joe’: This election year, Muslim-American voters are at a crossroads. Nazia Kazi. Middle East Eye. (2024).

War on Gaza: Jewish opposition to Israel is as old as Zionism itself. Joseph Massad. Middle East Eye. (2024).

There is a seismic shift in the Muslim American community. Nazia Kazi. Al Jazeera. (2024).

Anti-Palestinian bias in western media is off the scale since the war on Gaza. Faisal Kutty. Middle East Eye. (2024).

US Foreign Policy Establishment Is Instrumentalizing Islamophobia, Report Shows. Truthout. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Ep. 248: Presumptively Antisemitic ft. Prof. Sahar Aziz. The Insurgents. (2024). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Other Israel-Gaza Conflict: On Campus. Juan R. Cole. Democracy for the Arab World Now. (2024).

Biden Stands at the Precipice of a Greater War in the Middle East and His Political Future. Juan R. Cole. The Intercept. (2024).

The Liberals no longer have unconditional Muslim support. Faisal Kutty. The Hills Times. (2024).

How Western media treats the “Islamic Threat”. Faisal Kutty. Toronto Star. (2024).

Islamophobia Palestine and the Presumption of Anti-Semitism. The Real News. (2024) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Why Israel’s Supreme Court Must Remain a Strong Check on Power—Especially Now. Udi Ofer. Newsweek. (2024).

Special- The ICJ Israel Case Explainer. Aslı Bâli. American Prestige. (2024).

Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine-Israel Discourse. Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.(2024) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Don’t Stop Speaking About Palestine. Chamtuli Huq. Common Dreams. (2024).

Amid Gaza Protests, Universities Are Cracking Down on A Celebrated Protest Tactic: Sit-Ins.  The Intercept. (2024) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Martin Luther King Jr.’s moral stance against the Vietnam War offers lessons on how to fight for peace in the Middle East. Hajar Yazdiha. The Conversation. (2024). 

On Parenthood and Genocide. Heba Gowayed. In These Times. (2024).

Antisemitism and Islamophobia In The US Political Discourse On Israel/Palestine. Middle East Focus. (2024) (interviewing Sahar Aziz and Mitchell Plitnick).

Undercover FBI Agents Helped Autistic Teen Plan Trip to Join Isis. Murtaza Hussain. The Intercept. (2024).

Drop the charges against Indigo ‘Peace 11’ protesters. Faisal Kutty. Al Jazeera. (2024).


It’s Time to Break With the ADL as a Source for News and Research on Extremism.  

They capitalize on our Muslim identity. Then they abandon us in our time of need. Faiza Sayed. Analyst News. (2023).

“Unconditional Supporters of Israel Know the Facts Are Not on Their Side”. Sahar Aziz. Jacobin. (2023).

Scholars Discuss Islamophobia’s Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy. BNN Breaking. (2023) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Terrorism Investigations on Campus and the New McCarthyism. Wadie E. Said. Dissent Magazine. (2023).

Carbon emissions from the world’s militaries directly threaten the planet’s future. Nadia Ahmad. The National. (2023).

The right side of Mideast crisis is that of humanity and international humanitarian law.Faisal Kutty. Toronto Star. (2023).

Who is free speech for? Faisal Kutty. Newstalk. (2023).

The need for dialogue in times of conflict. Faisal Kutty. Toronto Star. (2023).

Succumbing to hate against any identifiable group solves nothing and takes us down a regrettable path. Faisal Kutty. Toronto Star. (2023).

The problem of systemic bias in CRA audits. Faisal Kutty. The Philanthropist Journal. (2023).

How a Leading Definition of Antisemitism Has Been Weaponized Against Israel’s Critics. Jonathan Hafetz & Sahar Aziz. The Nation. (2023).

Report: Anti-Palestinian Racism & Islamophobia in Gaza War Coverage. Bridge: Georgetown University. (2023) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Israel-Gaza: Does Islamophobia play a part in US foreign policy? Al Jazeera. (2023) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The bipartisan attack on Palestine solidarity is higher than ever. Mondoweiss. (2023) (interviewing Noura Erakat).

After Israeli hostage posters disappear at Drew University, Jewish students on edge. NorthJersey.com. (2023) (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Instruments of Dehuman­ization. Maryam Jamshidi. Boston Review. (2023).

Israel-Palestine war: US universities must resist this pro-Israel frenzy of censorship. Mohammad H Fadel. Middle East Eye. (2023).

Hamas Atrocities Cannot Rationalize the Starvation of Civilians. Mohamed ‘Arafa. Jurist. (2023).

In search of the ‘oneness of humanity’. Mojtaba Mahdavi. Canadian Dimension. (2023).

Unmasking the weaponization of Islamophobia in US foreign policy. Center for Security, Race and Rights. Nation of Change. (2023).

Presumptively Antisemitic: Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine–Israel Discourse. Center for Security, Race and Rights. (2023).

US Foreign Policy Establishment Is Instrumentalizing Islamophobia, Report Shows. Center for Security, Race and Rights. Truthout. (2023).

Report: Anti-Palestinian Racism & Islamophobia in Gaza War Coverage. Center for Security, Race and Rights. Georgetown University. (2023).

Steering clear of Gaza’s imminent humanitarian crisis through tenacious diplomacy. Nadia Ahmad & Thomas Kennedy. South Florida Sun Sentinel. (2023).

US and its allies provide Israel with ‘impunity’ to commit war crimes. Murat Sofuoglu. TRT World. (2023).

Is What’s Happening in Gaza a Genocide? Experts Weigh In. Time Magazine. (2023) (interviewing Alex Hinton).

Israel-Palestine war: Biden’s PR meetings will not appease Muslim Americans over Gaza genocide. Nadia Ahmad &  Saleema Gul. Middle East Eye. (2023).

The right side of Mideast crisis is that of humanity and international humanitarian law. Faisal Kutty et al. Toronto Star. (2023).

How should the US respond to the Israel-Palestine crisis? Our panel weighs in: Noura Erakat, Alex Kane, Joshua Leifer, Libby Lenkinski, Yousef Munayyer and Diala Shamas. The Guardian. (2023).

Noura Erakat: Western Leaders & Media Are Justifying Israel’s “Genocidal Campaign” Against Palestinians. Democracy Now! (2023). (interviewing Noura Erakat).

Tribalism versus International Law in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

Israelis Rally against Gov’t for 33rd Week, denouncing Branding Palestinian with Star of David and sending Women to back of Bus. Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

Former Head of Israeli Mossad: Israel is an Apartheid State with the ‘KKK’ in Government and “Antisemitic” Policies toward Palestinians. Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

Palestinians Mount Blood Donation Drive for Earthquake Victims, as one Artist tells European Islamophobes, ‘Turkey is Strong and Will Rise Again.’ Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

World’s Most Dangerous Flashpoint: Israeli Forces Repeatedly Invade Sacred al-Aqsa Mosque, Beat, Expel Worshipers, on behalf of Jewish Extremists. Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

Trouble for Abraham Accords: Saudis Try to establish E. Jerusalem Consulate for Palestinians, but Extremist Israeli Gov’t says, “No!” Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

Israel-Palestine war: The spectre of regional escalation looms large. Khalil al-Anani. Middle East Eye. (2023).

My Deep Sense of Dread Living as a Palestinian American. Hani Jawabrah. Common Dreams. (2023).

One of US’s Largest Public Universities Could See First Strike in Its 257 Years. Deepa Kumar. Truthout. (2023).

Intersectional organizing wall-to-wall at Rutgers. Dana Cloud. Tempest. (2023). (interviewing Deepa Kumar).

3 proposals to prevent police violence and build accountability. Udi Ofer. The Hill. (2023).

I went to CPAC to take MAGA supporters’ pulse – China and transgender people are among the top ‘demons’ they say are ruining the country. Alexander Hinton. The Conversation. (2023).

A year on, we have clear evidence of genocide in Ukraine. Alex Hinton. The Hill. (2023).

Sometimes Diversity Trumps Academic Freedom. Stacy Hawkins. The Chronicle of Higher Education. (2023).

Valley News Forum for Aug. 5, 2023: On the Trump indictment, inform yourself. Stephen Dycus Valley News. (2023).

Columna de Jorge Contesse: Litio y cambio constitucional. Jorge Contesse. La Tercera. (2023).

Tomgram: Juan Cole, Israel’s Crisis Is Not about Democracy but Occupation. Tom Engelhardt. OpEd News. (2023).

Oppression in American, Islamic, and Jewish Private Law. Rabea Benhalim. University of Colorado Law Review. (2023).

Two Divergent Girlhoods in Ghana, United by the Same Debt. Gaiutra Bahadur. (2023).

The Role of Emotions In Anti-Sexual Violence Groups In Egypt. Nermin Allam. Mobilization: An International Quarterly. (2023)

Antimicrobial resistance and the Iraq wars: armed conflict as an underinvestigated pathway with growing significance. Antoine Abou Fayad. BMJ Global Health. (2023).

Egypt coup: A decade on, liberals must do some serious self-reflection. Khalil al-Anani. Middle East Eye. (2023).

Iraq war: How US campuses became militarised and forgot the war on terror. Nazia Kazi. Middle East Eye. (2023).

Tyre Nichols’ death prompts calls for federal legislation to promote police reform – but Congress can’t do much about fixing local police. Alexis Karteron. The Conversation. (2023).

Contrary to Claims of Anti-Trans Muslims, Lgbtq+ Acceptance is Widespread in the History of Islam. Ali Olomi. Religion Dispatches. (2023).

Vivek Ramaswamy and the limits of ‘God talk.’ Khyati Joshi. Religion News Service. (2023).

Why Is the Far Right Obsessed With Burning the Koran? Farid Hafez. Haaretz. (2023).

Op-Ed: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Leads GOP Charge Against Racial And Gender Equity Ahead Of 2024. Jonathan Feingold. NewsOne. (2023).

Justice Roberts Chose Colorblindness Over the Constitution. Jonathan Feingold. Newsweek. (2023).

Unpacking Israel’s Legal Fictions. Alex Kane. Jewish Currents. (2023). (interviewing Noura Erakat).

Israel’s extremist government deserves reproach, not celebration. Noura Erakat. The Hill. (2023).

Palestinian Attorney Noura Erakat: The U.S. Is Normalizing Apartheid by Hosting Israel’s President. Democracy Now! (2023). (interviewing Noura Erakat).

20 Years Ago, the Bush Administration Launched the Iraq War: Juan Cole: “I Have a Bad Feeling About This.” Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

America’s War of Aggression on Iraq, 20 Years Later: Or, Putin the Prequel. Juan Cole. Informed Comment. (2023).

From Gaza: Does creativity only come from misery? Dana Besaiso. Informed Comment. (2023).

How the US Fueled the Spread of Islamophobia Around the World. Khaled Beydoun. Current Affairs. (2023).

The Post-WWI Migrations That Built Yugoslavia and Turkey Have Left a Painful Legacy. Leyla Amzi-Erdoǧdular. News Line Magazine. (2023).

Presumptively Antisemitic: Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine–Israel Discourse. Rutgers Center for Security, Race and Rights. (2023).

Students for Justice in Palestine, Governors for Authoritarianism in Florida. Maryam Jamshidi. The Law and Political Economy Project. (2023).

Muslim women in the West in the crosshairs of Zionists, white ‘feminists’. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera. (2023).

How Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism are manufactured through disinformation. Jasmin Zine. The Conversation. (2023).

How Israel’s war on Gaza exposed the West’s hatred of Palestinians. Joseph Massad. Middle East Eye. (2023).

America’s Evolving Views of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. US News. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Violence of Demanding Perfect Victims. Noura Erakat. Jadaliyya (2023).

Penn plans to review policies and training following controversy over Palestine Writes festival. The Philadelphia Inquirer. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Bob Menendez Egypt allegations in indictment stun community. North Jersey. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Indian Nationalists Cite Inspiration for Foreign Assassinations: U.S. “Targeted Killing” Spree. Murtaza Hussain. The Intercept. (2023).

Dear Ron DeSantis: Consider all the Valuable Skills the Enslaved Taught Cracker Slave-Holders (For Which they were never Paid). Juan Cole. Juan Cole. (2023).

Opinion: Immigrant communities are indebted to the civil rights movement. But when will they grapple with their own anti-Blackness? Hajar Yazdiha. Los Angeles Times. (2023).

How Terrorism Torts Could Challenge Israeli Settler Violence. Maryam Jamshidi. The Law and Political Economy (LPE) Project. (2023).

Pascack Valley and Hills Chinese teacher saves lives, fights human rights abuses in China. North Jersey. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Reporting on Hindu Nationalism. Audrey Truschke. Religion Link. (2023).

‘Anti-Fusion Voting’ Laws and the Problem With a Two-Party System. Udi Ofer. New Jersey Law Journal. (2023).

Sure, the US cares about human rights — when it benefits us. Sahar Aziz. The Hill. (2023).

Italy: Meloni’s Islamophobic policies are pushing Muslims to the margins. Farid Hafez. Middle East Eye. (2023).

It’s Time to Decriminalize Personal Possession of All Drugs. Yes, All of Them. Udi Ofer. Newsweek. (2023).

How Arab autocrats exported repression of Muslim activism to Europe. Farid Hafez. Middle East Eye. (2023).

Systematically erased’: Middle Eastern and North African women and LGBTQ+ Americans don’t see themselves in U.S. data. The 19th News. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The War on Terror Has Not Waned. It’s Used Against Black and Brown Communities. Truth Out. (2023).

NJ Muslim mayor who was denied White House entry: End the terror watch list. Gothamist. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Secrets & Suspicionless Policing: A Fundamentally Anti-Democratic Mix. Catherine Grosso. American Constitution Society. (2023).

Unmaking Asian Exceptionalism. Gaiutra Bahadur. Boston Review. (2023).

The problem of systemic bias in CRA audits. Faisal Kutty. The Philanthropist Journal. (2023).

What Business Do Former CIA Agents Have in Domestic Law Enforcement? Colin Kalambacher & Iman Boukadoum & Daanish Faruqi. Common Dreams. (2023).

Homeland Security’s fusion centers show the dangers of mission creep. Jonathan Hafetz. The Hill. (2023).

Raquel Evita Saraswati pretended to be a woman of color. Her deception traumatized the communities she claimed to help. The Philadelphia Inquirer. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Is it antisemitism or political discourse? Professor plans to sue Cabrini University after he was fired for tweets about Israel. The Philadelphia Inquirer. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Shining a Light on New Jersey’s Secret State Intelligence System. Rutgers Center for Security, Race and Rights. (2023).

Hamline, Free Speech, and Academic FreedomThis Moment in Democracy. (2023). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Islamophobia in Europe is a growing structural challenge. Farid Hafez. Analysis. (2023).

The U.S. is repeating its failed 1990s Afghanistan policies. Trying to punish the Taliban financially only hurts average Afghans. Ali A. Olomi. Washington Post. (2023). 

Oral Arguments in U.S. v. Texas and the Challenge to Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration. Shoba Sivasprasad Wadhia. American Constitution Society. (2023).

We Are All Alaa Abdel Fattah. Juan Cole. Democracy for the Arab World Now. (2023).

The Hamline controversy and the real threat to academic freedom. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera. (2023).

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