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Hate speech, privacy and the personal lives of public officials. John Farmer. The Hill. (2022).

The Supreme Court Clearly Doesn’t Care About Women’s Lives. Aziza Ahmed. Ms Magazine. (2022)

Inside the January 6th Hearings. William C. Banks. Legal Talk Network. (2022).

Palestinians feel dehumanized. Noura Erakat. CNN. (2022).

Islamophobia and imperialism: Nazia Kazi on race and global politics. Liberation News. (2022). (interviewing Nazia Kazi).

Religious Americans worried about climate change are diverse. Axios. (2022). (interviewing Nadia Ahmad).

An art treasure long cherished by Muslims is deemed offensive. But to whom? Kenan Malik. The Guardian.(2023).

Designing the Future in Palestine. Noura Erakat. Boston Review. (2022).

State Sponsored Transnational Security, Princeton University (remarks by Sahar Aziz at minute 44). (2022).

Building Community and Boosting Solidarity Amid the COVID-19 Crisis: American-Muslims’ Responses. Sahar Khamis. The Maydan. (2022).

Why the 2022 election was historic for Muslim women’s representation. The 19th.(2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

No, Berkeley Isn’t Discriminating Against Jews. Mohammad Fadel. The Chronicle of Higher Education. (2022).

The Western media’s World Cup coverage has put its anti-Muslim bias on full display. Khaled A. Beydoun. San Francisco Chronicle. (2022).

Litigious Zeal. SpearIt. Inquest. (2022).

Afghan needs, global priorities, and the treasures of Mes Aynak. Nadia Ahmad. Al Jazeera. (2022).

How the ‘war on terror’ obscures America’s alliance with right-wing Islam. Nazia Kazi. Middle East Eye. (2022).

Hindutva Appropriations of Indigeneity. Audrey Truschke Social Science Research Council.(2022)

Egypt Isn’t Qualified to Host COP27. Sahar Aziz. Time. (2022).

Our Segregation Problem. Aziz Rana. Dissent Magazine. (2022).

Teacher at Center of Hijab Controversy Sues Olympic Medalist for Defamation. New York Times. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Why Islamophobia in Europe is getting worse. Farid Hafez. EU Observer. (2022).

New Endowed Student Fellowship for Palestinian Research and Advocacy. Rutgers Law School.(2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Confronting Liberal Islamophobia. Sahar Aziz. American Constitution Society. (2022).

The Edison bulldozer scandal is a wake-up call for people to learn about Hindutva hate. Audrey Truschke. NJ.com. (2022).

Tiger Woods is par for the course on human rights. Nadia Ahmad. Orlando Sentinel. (2022).

In New Jersey, Activists Are Learning What “Abolish ICE” Means in the Biden Era. Whitney Strub. Jacobin. (2022).

She was fired for being publicly pro-Palestine. One year later, no one is hiring her. The Philadelphia Inquirer.(2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

160+ Organizations Call for an End to Mistreatment of Religious Migrants by U.S. Border Officials. ACLU. (2022).

The Curious Case of the Racial Muslim. EU Scream. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

U.S. Backing for the UN Resolution for Healthy Environment Would be a Game Changer. Nadia Ahmad. News Security Beat.  (2022).

On abortion, Muslim Americans say Islamic history is ‘on the side of mercy’. Abed Awad. The Washington Post. (2022). 

Shootings proclaim war on terror is dead. SpearIt. Tribe Live. (2022).

France burkini ban challenged in country’s top court. Independent. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

A teacher asked students their thoughts about the Middle East. The answers were stunning. NJ.com (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Are abortion bans like Sharia? Not even close, say Muslims. NorthJersey.com (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Racial Muslim. When racism quashes religious freedom. James Carr. Ethnic and Racial Studies. (2022).

The Hypocrisy of American Islamophobia. Juan Cole. The Nation. (2022).

US Roe v Wade debate brings up age-old Islamophobic tropes. Middle East Eye. (2022). (interviewing Nazia Kazi).

Op-Ed: A public audit of NJ’s Regional Operations Intelligence Center is long overdue. Iman Boukadoum & Colin Kalbacher. NJ Spotlight News. (2022).

Where Migrants Suffered Matters at the U.S.-Mexico Border. Time Magazine. (2022).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Judge Brown Jackson and America’s moment of racial reckoning. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera. (2022).

The Racial Muslim: When Racism Quashes Religious Freedom (Sahar Aziz) by Princeton Policy Podcasts. (2022).  (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

A Domestic Threat: The FBI ignored White Nationalists while spying continuously on Muslim Americans. Juan Cole. The Milwaukee Independent. (2022)

Biden administration must extend Temporary Protected Status to Black migrants just as it has for 100,000 Ukrainians. Nana Gyamfi and Iman Boukadoum. The Grio. (2022).

Why aren’t Muslims’ religious freedoms equally protected? NorthJersey.com (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Ep 24: Sahar Aziz | Professor & Author | USA. The Sania Farooqui Show. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

One year ago in Atlanta, historical exclusion and long-standing prejudices proved fatal. Margaret Hu and Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia. The Washington Post. (2022). 

Law Professor On The Dichotomy Between The First Amendment And The Reality Of How Muslims Are Treated with Sahar Aziz. The Jabot. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

What Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination Means for Higher Ed. Diverse Education. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

US Muslims react to Biden’s nomination of first Muslim woman to be federal judge. Middle East Eye. (2022).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Racial Muslim with Sahar Aziz. American Muslim Project. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Boisi Center Hosts Webinar Discussing Islam In The United States. The Heights. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Taliban reportedly have control of US biometric devices – a lesson in life-and-death consequences of data privacy. Margaret Hu. The Conversation. (2022).

Islamophobia, Race and Global Politics. RT America. (2022). (interviewing Nazia Kazi).

Islamophobia, the Surveillance State & U.S. Wars of Aggression w/ Dr. Nazia Kazi. Breakthrough News. (2022). (interviewing Nazia Kazi).

The U.S. census sees Middle Eastern and North African people as white. Many don’t. NPR. (2022). (interviewing Sahar

How Spying On Muslims While Ignoring White Nationalists Led To January 6. The National Memo. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The Hypocrisy of American Islamophobia. The Nation. (2022). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Federal court ruling demonstrates limits of anti-Palestinian “lawfare”. Abed Awad. Middle East Institute. (2022).


Abandoning Afghan Allies: The Latest Chapter in Shameful History of US in Afghanistan. Susan Akram. Just Security. (2024).

The Palestinian exception to free speech. Faisal Kutty. TRT World. (2021).

Europe has entered its own era of McCarthyism – against Islam. Farid Hafez. Open Democracy. (2021).

The Israeli-Palestinian escalation did not start with Hamas rockets. Fasial Kutty. LinkedIn. (2021).

The Potential Impact of Combating International Islamophobia Act. BNC News.(2021).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Americans spent 20 years forgetting Afghanistan. I didn’t have that luxury. Ali A. Olomi. Washington Post. (2021). 

What 2021 taught us about the fight for racial justice. CNN. (2021). (interviewing Deepa Kumar).

Some in NJ don’t want critical race theory in schools, but is it? NewJersey101.5. (2021).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The ‘viability’ reasoning behind Roe v Wade isn’t a legal issue. It’s a religious one. Abed Awad. NJ.com (2021).

How Recent Islamophobic Attacks Impact American Society. BNC News.(2021).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Who is Mullah Hasan Akhund?Ali A. Olomi. The Conversation. (2021).

The U.S. replicated crucial flaws from the past in Afghanistan. Ali A. Olomi. The Washington Post. (2021).

The history of US intervention in Afghanistan, from the Cold War to 9/11. Vox. (2021). (interviewing Ali A. Olomi).

9/11 attacks: Why young Americans know nothing about the ‘war on terror’. Nazia Kazi. Middle East Eye. (2021).

‘The Landscape is Shifting’: Over 35,000 rally for Palestine in DC on Memorial Day weekend. Mondoweiss. (2021). (interviewing Nadia Ahmad).

U.S. Foreign Policy Needs to Change w/ Trita Parsi + The U.S.’s Afghanistan Endgame. Parallax Views. (2021). (interviewing Nadia Ahmad).

The US Endgame in Afghanistan Was Mineral Extraction, Not Democracy. Nadia Ahmad. Common Dreams. (2021).

The Heat: Impact of 9/11 on Muslim Americans. CGTN America. (2021).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Muslim Americans’ ‘Seismic Change’. NY Times. (2021). (interviewing Sylvia Chan-Malik).

What We Forget. Nazia Kazi and Anuj Shrestha. The Nib. (2021).

Understanding Sharia Amid the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan. WUWM 89.7. (2021). (interviewing Asifa Quraishi-Landes).

‘The Longest Shadow’: 9/11 leads to the militarization of US police departments. ABC News. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz & John Farmer).

9/11 and the racial limitations of religious freedom in America. Sahar Aziz. Al Jazeera. (2021).

The Power of Language in Combating Islamophobia. Sahar Aziz. American Constitution Society. (2021).

Comparing Texas’ abortion ban to Islamic law is inaccurate, perpetuates Islamophobia, experts say. Religion News Service. (2021). (interviewing Abed Awad).

How 9/11 changed American Muslims’ relationship with religious liberty. Kelsey Dallas. Deseret News. (2021).

United Nations Issues Report on Systemic Racism. TRT World. (2021).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The United States of War: A Global History of America’s Endless Conflicts. Columbus to the Islamic State. (2021). (interviewing Nazia Kazi).

Federal judge’s confirmation hearing a reminder of the importance of No Religious Test Clause. Engy AbdelKader. ABA Journal. (2021).

Cornel West’s resignation: When anti-Black and anti-Palestinian racism converge in US academia. Sahar Aziz. The New Arab. (2021).

Manufactured Terrorism | How Muslims Became the Villains of the Last 2 Decades w/ Law Professor Sahar Aziz. Thinking Allowed Podcast. (2021).(interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Why is Austria coming after the Muslim Brotherhood? Farid Hafez. Al Jazeera. (2021).

How George Floyd’s Filmed Murder Has Changed How Palestinians Are Viewed In The Mainstream. The Gothamist. (2021). (interviewing Rania Mustafa).

How international law was violated in Israel-Palestine conflict. Al Jazeera. (2021). (interviewing Adil Haque).

‘I Don’t Think You’re Going to Be Eating Tonight.’ Muslims Describe Ramadan in U.S. Prisons. Time Magazine. (2021). (interviewing SpearIt).

What’s causing the shift in US public opinion on Israel? TRT World Now. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

How Systemic Religious Oppression Benefits White Christians—and Christians of Color, Too. Khyati Y. Joshi. Faithfully Magazine. (2021).

Biden urged to appoint envoy to counter Islamophobia ‘epidemic’. Middle East Eye. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Support For US Troops Withdrawing From Afghanistan.The Hill. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Despite Chauvin’s guilty verdict, activists will not stop fighting for justice. Sughnen Yongo-Okochi. Pavement Pieces. (2021).

Identity Crisis. Sahar Aziz. Medium. (2021).

Are France and Austria Fighting a War on ‘Political Islam’ – or a War on Muslims? Farid Hafez. Haaretz. (2021).

New Poll: STRONG Support For Troops To Remain In D.C.The Hill. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Sahar Aziz on BBC World Discussing Trump Impeachment and Trial. BBC World. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

Ten years after revolution, Egyptian exiles ‘still fighting’ for reform. NorthJersey.com. (2021). (interviewing Sahar Aziz).

The FBI’s Racialized Priorities Endangered Our Democracy. Sahar Aziz. Medium. (2021).